Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to get 2000+ Quality Link Per Day

Here is how to get 2000+ back link per day…

1. Create 2 new Article from 250 – 350 word is fine or if you have collection of PLR articles in your hard drive then use them here…

2. Search for 15 free blog hosting sites, such, blogger, livejournal, hubpages, yahoo360, squidoo, and other free blog hosting sites.

3. Create account blog to each of the 15 free blog hosting sites, and post 2 your two article including 3 links to your site/sites.

4. After Creating all your 15 blogs, get all the RSS Feeds of those 15 new blogs you created.

5. Submit all those rss feeds to the top 25 rss feed directories, like , millionrss,, feedagg, feedage, and other known rss feed directories.

When this task completed you surely have 2000+ back link to you site/s.

How does that happened?

15 Blogs X 2 Post X 3 links each = 90 Links
15 Blogs X 2 Post X 3 Links each X 25 RSS Feed directory = 2,250

Dick Gordon 2010